The Academic Committee will select three papers of excellence submitted by scholars under the age of 40 and grant each of them an award of USD $400 and a certificate.

a) Submission guidelines
                • Deadline for submitting full text paper: October 15, 2016 at midnight (GMT-10)
                • The selection is based on a blind review. Submissions must be sent to and contain the following two attachments: one WORD document - the actual paper - with no identifying information about the author (designated as "Main Document"); and a separate WORD document that consists of a title page with the author's name and institutional affiliation (designated as "Title Page").
b) Selection criteria
                • The candidate is no more than 40 years old at the end of the conference (born after October 30, 1976).
                • Papers are rated based on the following criteria:
                  • Creativity and innovation
                  • Relevance to the conference theme
                  • Stringency of argument(s)
                  • Potential importance for the development of translation and intercultural studies
                  • Clear and straightforward presentation
      University of Hawaiʻi, The Gate of Hope

c) The Committee
  • The members of the Academic Committee constitute the members of the Award Committee. 
d) Selection procedures
  • The members of the Academic Committee read all submissions and rate papers based on the selection criteria.
  • Each committee member votes anonymously, submitting a recommendation for three papers (including reasons for the selection).
  • The three papers with the most votes will each win an award.
  • In case of a tied vote, the co-chairs of the Academic Committee will make a final decision to determine the three award winners.